Client Testimonials

"Sharon has changed my life.  She has taught me to listen to my body so that I know what it needs and also taught me how to breathe in order to relax.  

She is a calming presence in my life and I always look forward to my weekly sessions with her.  She is caring, empathetic and a uniquely talented Yoga Therapist.  If you have the opportunity to work with her, take it."  

Cancer Patient/Student

"I didn't think I could even do yoga because of my numerous chronic health conditions, but thanks so Sharon, I've discovered that absolutely everyone's mind, body and spirit can benefit from this beautiful practice...with the right teacher!

Sharon has helped me to grow stronger and more flexible, decreasing my chronic pain and improving my overall health.  Best of all, I'm learning to trust the wisdom of my own body, and to treat myself with the same nurturing compassion that Sharon offers to her students.

Yoga Therapy Student

"Sharon is sincere, compassionate, super kind, caring and comforting.  She loves what she does and is passionate and engaged."

"Sharon's Yoga Nidra was awesome!  My favorite part of the retreat.  I slept so well & felt so relaxed afterwards plus my knee pain improved.  Have her do it every night!"

Sharon is an amazing, beautiful soul and wonderful instructor."

Wellness Retreat Guests