"I found Sharon Holly's TRE class both very enjoyable, and beneficial. Sharon is a truly caring and knowledgeable instructor; and I would highly recommend her courses to anyone who might be interested in exploring TRE." - Diane/Westchester 


TRE® stands for Tension/Stress and Trauma Release Exercises which turn on the body’s natural ability to restore itself to balance through the process of self-regulation & self-empowerment.

"That was one of the best Savasanas I've ever had after TRE, and I also slept very well that evening." - Stefanosis/Westchester


  • Reduced anxiety and stress                                                                            
  • Relief from body aches including back pain and headaches
  • Increased energy
  • Boosts the immune system             
  • Improved sleep
  • Body and mind awareness
  • Increased flexibility and strength
  • Enhanced ability to stay focused and connected
  • Release of chronic tension and emotional or physical trauma
  • Relaxation

"Sharon was very professional, kind and patient. I felt very safe and comfortable during the entire workshop.   TRE is a wonderful tool. Results are quick and a natural physiological discharge of stress and trauma. Now that I have been practicing for over a month on my own. I am finding that TRE helps my mood and outlook. Not much emotional stuff if any. Letting go of work and toxic relationships, friends and some family as well as working with TRE is helping to keep myself better grounded and grateful. I am at peace most of the time even if I don't realize it. This is success and enlightenment for me. I hope it has made me a little nicer and compassionate." - Robert/Westchester